Tuesday, August 10, 2010

See ya!

It's been awhile my dear readers, as you know i haven't been updating the blog at all. Real life troubles and a lack of solid internet access (i moved, my ISP wouldn't transfer the service to my new house, no other ISP available in my area, using a 3G modem right now) have made me unable to work on finding good freeware stuff, in other words my life is shit right now so i can't update the blog anymore which is a real shame because i loved working on Elite Freeware. There's a good chance this will be the last update of Elite Freeware however if things get better i will start updating the site again tough i seriously doubt that. Anyway i'm writing all of this down because the correct thing is to make it all official so i don't get anyone hopes up. Thanks everybody who has visited the site and keep using freeware programs if possible!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

NANY 2010 Entry: SubDiv

SubDiv is another NANY 2010 entry, this very small app is used to organize files in folders according to their date of creation. This is handy if you want to tidy up the folder that you use to download all of your stuff. SubDiv drawbacks at least right now are that it doesn't offer any other sorting methods beside the date, also it doesn't monitor the folder for changes so you will have to run the app again if you add more files and there's no undo option. However the developer plans to update SubDiv in the future so hopefully some of the drawbacks will be worked on.
So in conclusion SubDiv is a small little app that does a very simple thing well, check it out.

Monday, January 4, 2010

NANY 2010 entry: Piggy Banks

Piggy Banks is one of the entries for NANY 2010, it's basically a fund tracker that you can use to calculate how much time it would take to save up for something. You set up the fund's name, it's money goal, daily accrual and the kitty which is the amount of money you start with. Piggy Banks will then calculate the estimated time at which you will reach your goal, the cool thing is that you can open Piggy Banks a week later and Piggy Banks will update your current funds according to the daily accrual you have selected.
So there you have it people, Piggy Banks is a nice little app that could be handy if you save up money for stuff. Also i suggest that you check the following screencast in order to know more about the app.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! (oh and NANY 2010)

A new year has come and with it lots of new stuff appear in the horizon like for example software, more specifically free software written and released by my friends over at Donationcoder.com
Of course this is all part of NANY 2010 (New Apps For The New Year) and i obviously shall be taking a loook at what these fine people have come up with in the coming days just after i get over this massive hangover of booze, drugs, ladies of the night and massive naked destruction of hotel rooms, you know the usual stuff. So everyone get ready while i gather enough money for bail and check these programs out.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

NANY 2010 needs you, yes you.

Sorry if i was absent lately i was busy...fighting evil bears, yes evil bears! Anyway as you may remember a long time ago i wrote about the entries for Donation coder's NANY 2009, if you don't know what NANY is the idea is very simple: programmers pledge to release a new piece of software in january 1st, that's it. The 2009 NANY gave birth to all sorts of cool apps some of which i mentioned right here in my blog such as Dad's Around, Comparer, JustCloseSomeTasks, Etc.
The 2010 edition of NANY is coming up soon and that's where you coming in, if you are a coder you can write a program and submit it for NANY 2010, it doesn't have to be anything specially complicated, a small but well executed idea is just fine. Also if you participate you will get a ultra special deluxe rare Donation coder mug free of charge! So stop whatever you are doing and pledge to participate in NANY 2010. More info about NANY 2010 can be found here.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

See all the wireless keys stored in your PC with WirelessKeyView

Every time you connect to a wireless network Windows saves the key for later use, you can't view the keys normally so that's where an external program like WirelessKeyView comes in. This portable app will let you see every key on your PC that has been used to connect to a wireless network, handy if you want to store in a text file for later use.
Just remember this is not a cracking tool of any kind, WirelessKeyView will only display the keys to wireless networks you are currently connected or connected in the pass. Definitely worth a look if you use wireless networks a lot. Available for all Windows versions.

Get it at http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wireless_key.html

Monday, November 16, 2009

Altiris SVS let's you test any app without fear

I try a lot of apps in my search for quality freeware and sometimes you can run into apps that will mess with your system in unwanted ways, this happened to me a few times with...bad results, because of that i began to look for a way to test programs without having to worry about possible side effects and came up with the awesome Altiris Software Virtualization Solution (SVS). This is a virtualization program that basically lets you test any app without fear. Altiris SVS can put any program into a layer that sits outside Windows, while a program is in the layer it will act normal however once you decide to erase the program's layer all the changes that a program has made to Windows will be undone like they never happened! Altiris SVS can even put the entire system into a layer, handy if you want to test that a certain change in Windows actually works. Also since you can import and export layers you can potentially do some nifty tricks like for example installing games much faster that you can with the standard way, i haven't tried that myself tough. My only nag with the program is that you need a license in order to use it however one can be obtained without too much trouble by just going to a site. Anyway if testing a certain program or Windows change without having to worry sounds appealing to you then by all means give a Altiris SVS a chance. Available for all Windows versions.

Get it at

Get Altiris SVS license (required)